Safety Valve (Relief Valve) Working Principle

Safety Valve (Relief Valve) Working Principle

Steams and gases can be compressed when gas (flow) reach the globe in a valve it compresses and build-up earlier than escaping via the valve. The flow compression can reason plant pressure to build up quickly. A gas plant needs a valve that can open huge open below excess force or pressure relief valve.

However, safety valve relief force more rapidly than a safety valve, the shape, and part of both valves are extremely same. Straight acting this safety valve consists of a casting, outlet, inlet, spindle, disc, seat, lifting handle and cap on a few valves. KP-LOK

These safety valves assembly is secured by the casing that is welded or flanged for the link to the system. The cap covers the peak of the assembly and decreases the change of tampering with the safety valve setting. The globe or disc held in position until the system force boost to the spot when the disc pop off the seat. The spindle part treats up and down movement of the disc. The fixing screw is applied to fix the valve fix spot. If the spring tension changes cover the term of time, specialized personnel will rearrange the adjusting screw.

What the popping unlocks of the valve is due to the shape of the globe. There’s a main surface of the globe that is forever in unite with unit pressure and a lip that is not exposed to unit force. At the fixed point the globe will take off the seat but what creates this valve special is that the lip turns into exposing to the unit pressure making a bigger surface for the unit pressure to press opposite.

This wide place makes a wide lifting pressure and reasons the safety valve to pop open. When the force fall downs to a safe level the similar process happened in reverse gear. Just because of the extreme rate of the escaping gas flow, the safety valve has o close rapidly, and otherwise, the extreme level can harm the surface of the safety valve opening.

Damage is also stopped by the main function of the safety relief valve process recognize as the huddling chamber. This huddling chamber gives a little cushion which keeps the disk from slamming into the seat part and damaging the safety valve.

The force of which the valve open entire the way is named after the popping force. The opposite quick end of the valve is named positive seating force. The diff among the popping force and the plus seating is named blow down. For instance, if popping force is 200 PSI and the positive seating force is 180-190 PSI, and the bloc down is 10 PSI.

A feature of the safety valve:

  • Nozzle indoors the safety valve begins to receive an extreme pressure for the inlet part of the valve
  • When the pressure reduces until the predetermined force, the force of the spring closes the disc part.
  • When the force becomes upper than the force, the disc begins to lift and the release of the flood.






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